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Blog - 27.01.2021.

Mokra Gora and Drvengrad

A visit to Mokra Gora is an unavoidable trip for all visitors to Zlatibor. Until 1974, one of the most beautiful railway routes in the world passed through Mokra Gora. An unforgettable event is to take a train that passes through rocky landscapes, 22 tunnels and a dozen bridges. Today, the steam locomotive operates exclusively for tourist purposes. Drvengrad is a film ethno village with a city structure, built by director Emir Kusturica on Mećavnik hill in Mokra Gora. Within Drvengrad, there is an Orthodox church dedicated to Saint Sava, a hotel, a painting gallery, a library, a cinema, a restaurant, a pastry shop and a souvenir shop. Emir Kusturica explains Drvengrad as follows: I invented a city that seems as if it has always been inhabited. And it never was.